What is it?

Sharecode is a tool for iOS that helps you make QR codes right from the Action button in every app, with nice custom icons and labels that help people identify what they're opening.

Use it to quickly share items with people who are nearby, even when you aren't connected!

Get Sharecode

Requires iOS 11
Tap the button above on your phone or scan the code below with your camera.
Alternatively, you can join the beta to get the latest.

QR Codes

QR codes work on most platforms. While there are faster ways of sharing to people you are well connected to, sometimes it is easier to show your screen to someone else.

QR codes also don't reveal any identifying information about you (like your phone number) and don't even require you be online!

How do you use it?

Sharecode lives in the system action sheet — Just tap the share icon in most iOS apps. Then choose "Share QR Code".

Don't see it? Scroll the applications row to the right and pick "More •••"

What can you share?

Almost anything that can be represented as a link can be shared, but there are a few special types—


Share them directly from the Phone / Contacts app


from the Apple or Google Maps app, Yelp or others.

Web pages

from Safari, Chrome and more (with custom icons supported on iOS 13)


from your clipboard or note taking apps. This uses http://itty.bitty to display them

WiFi Networks

make it easy for people to join them without having to type in the password!


Anything that can be shared in link or text form will probably work.

How do you access them?


  1. Open the Camera App on another device and point it at the code
  2. Tap the notification at the top when it appears


  1. Get Google Lens or another barcode reader.
  2. Point the camera at the code.
  3. Tap the recognized item.

Transferring large items via QR+WiFi

QR codes are small. Sharing a large item (like a photo or file) works when you are on the same WiFi network.

This local connection will only be available while Sharecode is on screen, and may not work with all networks.

Save a QR code card for later.

Click the action button below the card to save it as an image. Then you can use them later or even print them!